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Professional Chimney Repairs Across Birmingham

Our roofers offer specialist chimney repairs and re-pointing to keep your chimney in good order. As we are well aware that you may not know the state of your chimney, we also offer a service whereby we can check the state of repair of you're chimney, and diagnose any problems with the chimney stack. Plus, our prices are competitive too!

What we can offer in Birmingham

We offer a range of specialist services and can help with:

  • Repairs to broken or damaged chimney stacks
  • Re-pointing to ensure mortar is in good repair
  • Lead flashing to prevent leaks at base of chimney
  • A range of other roofing solutions

Call us for repairs and re-pointing!

We cover all of Birmingham and offer top of the range chimney service such as repairs and re-pointing. We will always check your chimney when doing roofing work anyway as we know that it is not something that is easily noticed. 

All our work is offered with guarantees, and we can provide a free estimate on request, so get in touch with our Birmingham roofers now on 0121 737 2314! You won't regret it, we promise! Our friendly team would love to speak to you.

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